Early favorites to win the male and female Royal Rumble matches

While the Royal Rumble PPV is still almost a month away, early speculations about who will win the respective Battle Royals have already begun.



And if we believe the early betting odds, then a big surprise may be coming for fans in one of the two Battle Royals which will be taking place at the upcoming show.

According to betting odds, the early favorite to win the Men’s Royal Rumble is none other than the 16 time World Champion and the Leader Of Cenation John Cena.

This is not very surprising as even though Cena has been taking more time away from the company recently, he is still a safe bet to be put in any championship bout or win a match as big as the Rumble.

However, the surprise is on the female side, as the early favorite to win the Women’s Royal Rumble is the former UFC Champion Ronda Rousey, who, as we noted before is not very likely to appear at the event.

Though since there is still time between now and the PPV, it’s possible that these odds will change and different personalities will emerge as the favorites, as the show comes closer.

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