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Elias explains why he was called up to the main roster so quickly

Elias is one of the WWE’s biggest talents at the moment. Though he’s never held a title and isn’t involved in any high caliber feud, the Troubadour of Monday Night Raw has got the entire WWE Universe wrapped around his guitar strumming fingers.

While he did have a less than stellar run on the Yellow & Black brand, the Drifter became one of the WWE’s best and brightest stars when he was called up. In an interview with Adam Pacitti of Cultaholic, Elias said the reason he was called up so quickly was due to timing.

I got called up quick, man. It seemed like it was the right time for me, that’s all I can say, ya know.

The reason? Um…I think it’s obvious now on Monday Night Raw, the way the people react, the way the world reacts to Elias…it’s like, ‘We have him here in NXT and that’s great. NXT is awesome, but let’s put him on the global stage. Let’s have the world see what Elias has.’ So to me, it’s an easy decision to put me on Monday Night Raw.

Elias was actually a part of NXT’s roster for three years. His Drifter persona, however, debuted in 2015, and though he still had two full years in the developmental brand, he didn’t do too much while down there. Most NXT talents, however, seem to be involved in the PC and the brand for around five years or so, so he definitely received a quick call-up.

Do you think it was the right move to bring the Drifter up so quickly? Would you like to see him pick up a title soon? Let us know how you would handle Elias in the comments below.

  • Sparti Love

    Elias’s call-ups was handled nicely. No huge debut, no rush to title match, nothing fancy. He was slowly built up and got the crowd behind him.