Elias says John Cena helped him with “WWE stands for Walk With Elias”

Elias has had a pretty stellar first year, besting people like Finn Balor and John Cena on multiple occasions. The former drifter has become a big name, with fans eating out of the palm of his hand wherever he performs.



In a recent appearance on E & C’s Pod of Awesomeness, Elias spoke on the creation of his latest catchphrase and how the 16-time champion helped him create it.

The Drifter was this guy where I’d put a guitar on my shoulder and walk from town to town, find my way however I can. So it became a question, “Who wants to walk with The Drifter?”

When I got to the main roster, Vince said ‘Let’s drop the Drifter stuff. You’re gonna be Elias and that’s it.’ So ‘walk with Elias’ was the next question. I remember I said it backstage to John Cena.

He was going off about the WWE Universe and the WWE and this and that, and I said ‘Hey John, do you know what WWE stands for? It stands for walk with Elias.’ He said, ‘My head just exploded in ten different ways, man! That is great! You gotta make a thing out of that!”

Elias credits Cena, saying that it all clicked together while he was listening to him talk.

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