Elon Musk Drops Andrew Tate Bombshell In Photo?

Former kickboxer Andrew Tate recently faced backlash on Twitter. Tate was recently detained by Romanian authorities on suspicion of human trafficking, rape, and forming an organized crime group, according to Reuters. According to several reports, a pizza box helped cops narrow in on Tate’s location. Tate had posted a video clip of himself in a Versace robe, smoking a cigar, while an off-camera person hands him two boxes of Jerry’s Pizza, a popular Romanian chain.



It has been noted that his arrest, merely a day after posting the video, could have been due to the pizza boxes, reported 9News. The report stated that the boxes may have helped the Romanian police zero in on his location.The authorities reportedly used the video “as proof he was in the country”, stated a report in The Independent.

According to Tate, the social media cancelation marked the expiry of one of his three lives. The 36-year-old then predicted that the next step would be to arrest and subsequently kill him if all else failed. Tate said on the FULL SEND podcast:

“So, the truth is this – I knew it was coming – I absolutely knew it was coming, because of how orchestrated it was. The only thing – and I’ll state this at the beginning, why I was upset that I was cancelled, was because I expired one of my lives. First, you get cancelled, and then they make up a reason to put you in jail. If that fails, they kill you. Now I’m down to my last two lives. So while I’m answering this question, I’m still being careful how I’m answering it.”

Here is what Andrew Tate wrote on Twitter:

“The Matrix sent their agents.”

Elon Musk then appeared to reply with the following, with Tate RT’ing it:



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