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Enzo Amore breaks social media silence with cryptic photo

Enzo Amore

It’s been a while since Enzo Amore was fired by WWE and the former Cruiserweight Champion has been relatively silent on social media since his departure from the company.

However, he recently posted a cryptic photo on his Instagram, which has raised some eyebrows. In the photo as seen below, a pair of boots are hanging on an electric wire captioned ‘it’s been real’:

There is no confirmation of what this means but some are taking it as an indication from the former WWE Star that he is hanging his boots for good.

Enzo Amore was hired by WWE back in 2012 and he made his main roster debut in 2016. While he quickly became a fan favorite, his main roster run was surrounded with many controversies.

He was fired from WWE back in January this year after a story about him being investigated for Sexual Assault became public.

  • Thomas Murray

    over here in Eire its a sign drugs are sold here

  • Yes oppa, you are correct those are Jordan shoes and not boots…He wore Jordans when he wrestled. Which is why this could be him symbolizing that he is “hanging up his boots”. js

  • This could be bad

    I just hope he doesn’t send Cass a text that says “the dogs are in the backyard.”

  • oppa

    Those are Jordan shoes, not boots. It could mean he’s too poor to buy them now. But who knows.