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Enzo Amore wants Neville back with the WWE

Smacktalker Skywalker has never been shy with words. The current two-time cruiserweight champion has thrashed and trashed any opponents in his way since he made his way to 205 Live, including the King of the Cruiserweights.

However, in an interview with The Sun, Amore took a chance to praise Neville. Amore discussed the insane travel schedule that Neville dealt with every week, and his intense pace in the ring.

“Neville is one of my favorite pros in the business. He carried NXT with that title and was a tag-team champion there. THen he worked on the 205 division with the hardest schedule in silence. He was working Friday, Saturday and Sunday, then Mondays and Tuesdays.”

The champion went on to talk about Neville’s travel schedule and how dedicated the Man Gravity Forgot truly was.

“When guys were catching red-eye flights from the west coast after Raw, Neville was driving on to the next town or taking an early morning flight. It’s the hardest schedule in pro wrestling because you are closing out 205 at the end of the week.

I hope Neville comes back and we feud. I have never seen a guy work like he does.”

Enzo’s praise of Neville didn’t stop there, comparing his friend to another former WWE great, the Dynamite Kid.

“He might move better than anyone has ever moved in a ring-like the Dynamite Kid. I have seen him tear it up in matches that no one will ever see. Absolute bangers. I would love to move around with him because that dude can dance.”

Amore is set to defend his title against Cedric Alexander on January 8th, and it seems like the champ plans on holding onto the title long enough to see Neville make a return.