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Ex-Women’s Champ Ringside for No Way Out, Christian Makes Promise, Are You Serious?

– Below is the latest episode of WWE’s Are You Serious:

– Former WWE star Big Vito turns 48 years old today while wrestling legend Larry “The Axe” Hennig turns 76.

– WWE posted a backstage video of Intercontinental Champion Christian after his win over Cody Rhodes at No Way Out. Christian promised his 4th title reign will be his best and that it will be a long one.

– According to a photo she posted, former WWE Women’s Champion Madusa was sitting ringside beside the announcers for last night’s No Way Out pay-per-view from East Rutherford, New Jersey. Madusa had a monster truck show on Saturday night at MetLife Stadium across the street from the IZOD Center, the sight of No Way Out. Paul Heyman was backstage visiting with his kids for Madusa’s monster truck show as she posted a photo of the group hanging out.

  • Hunter

    Good banter… Ahem.

    You’ve proved to be an idiot. You mean well, but you’re response was stupid and showed the stubbornness of a kid. If you can’t handle someone disagreeing with you then go back to your Xbox and make Christian the world, wwe, IC, tag team, US and why the hell not, the women’s champion too. Escape reality you emotional mess.

  • Sammo

    You have an incredibly dull way of expressing your point of view. I felt a bit depressed after reading that last post. Is that your mutant power?!

    You can tell me how much Christian improves the midcard as much as you like, but it’s not going to change my mind. He’s not going to be in his prime for much longer, and I’d much rather see him stealing in the show in top-of-the-card matches at this stage of his career. Sodas rule.

  • Hunter

    But Kane is playing a third wheel. Christian is holding the 3rd most reputable title in the wwe.

    He’ll go back to being in the title picture, but for now he is doing a professional job in restablishing a major title that used to mean a lot to the old school fans. He’s doing a good job of it and should be commended.

    The WWE have a poor-ish mid card. I’ve personally always been a fan of mixing the vets in to give it credit. He’s obviously not there to job as he’s picking up wins against the best youngster in the company.

  • Sammo

    Maybe not, Hunter… But I’d put Christian in place of Kane right now!

  • Jimbo

    The IC Title has gained back some of its reputation thanks to Christian and Rhodes, but long term, Christian should be a world championship contender.

  • Hunter

    We all like Christian, but I think the perception that he is too big for the IC title (a lot of fans, I’m not saying yourself have been vocal about it) is completely wrong. I think if they give him a good run with some interesting feuds then it will go a long way to reestablishing the title and make the upper mid card more interesting.

    I think it’s the right decision to keep him away from Sheamus as long as they proceed to stick with DZ. As for Punk, would you put Christian in place of Bryan right now?

  • Sammo

    Don’t know why my spelling of midcard has “aa” in the middle! But I apologise for its presence nonetheless.

  • Sammo

    Hunter, I didn’t say there was anything wrong with Goldust or Val Venis being IC champ – I was pointing out that there were 4 different holders in less than 2 months. And that diluted the prestige of the belt. Do you see?

    Christian had ready made feuds with CM Punk and Sheamus waiting for him upon his return from injury… But instead he was turned face for no reason and demoted to the midaacard – after only establishing himsself as a WWE main eventer in recent times.

    So I just found it totally disrespectful. Yeah, I’ll admit I’m a bit of a Christian mark… But there’s not much I can do about that.

  • Skip

    It’s site, not sight.

  • Hunter

    Nothing wrong with Goldust being a IC champ, nor Val Venis IMO.

    And JBL, Hardy, Jericho, HHH, Rey Mysterio amongst others have held the title after being a world champion. Whilst I think it is best used to elevate new stars, putting it on veterans like Christian (in hope they give him a good feud) every once in a while helps build the prestige of the title.

    It makes for a strong mid card which in turn creates a better product.

  • Sammo

    8 years is pretty long time, dude!

    I think the IC title lost its prestige longer ago than that though… For me it was about 13 years ago when Val Venis, Godfather, Road Dogg and Goldust all held the title within the space of 7 or 8 weeks. It was difficult to take the title seriously after that.

    Christian is a 2 time WWE world champion (and 2 time TNA world champion) and a 14 year veteran of the business. I think it’s fair to perceive him as being above the IC title.

  • ayo

    Only if christians world title reign was longer tired of seeing the same world champions over and over give him a chance I bet he will make for good entertainment

  • Hunter

    Don’t see why people are complaining about Christian being IC champion – with exception to perhaps the last 8 years, the title was often held by some of the bigger names. He and Cody have bought credibility back to it (though it needs a lot more work).