Famous Black Actress Swears At ‘Hitler’ Trump

Fox News host Lawrence Jones and podcast host Stacy Washington criticized actress Jenifer Lewis, known for her role in Black-ish, for her remarks during an episode of SiriusXM’s Mornings With Zerlina. Lewis urged Black voters to participate in elections and described former President Donald Trump as “Hitler” during her passionate plea.



Lewis, whose memoir The Mother of Black Hollywood chronicles her extensive career, made these comments during her conversation with host Zerlina Maxwell, a former staffer for Hillary Clinton. Her comments have since gone viral and provoked conservative backlash.

In a conversation with Maxwell, Lewis expressed frustration with Black voters who might not be planning to vote and spoke out against Trump:

JENIFER LEWIS: “Dear God, what have we done.”


JENIFER LEWIS: “We spend our time making choices on trivial matters like ice cream flavors. We waste time on meaningless decisions while ignoring important responsibilities like voting. Some even say, ‘I don’t believe in voting.’ You fools! If that man is re-elected, as soon as he takes the oath, he’ll order generals down the Capitol steps, break the glass housing the Constitution, and tear it apart before our eyes. He’ll declare himself king and punish those who didn’t vote for him. This is not a joke; this man is like Hitler!”

During a recent Fox & Friends segment, Jones and Washington voiced their disagreement with Lewis’s comments. Jones asked, “So, Stacy, Trump was elected in 2016—what did he do to Black people then?” Washington responded, pointing out that Trump invited Black leaders to the White House annually, a practice that she said President Biden has not continued.

Washington’s comments imply that Biden has not been as inclusive of Black conservatives as Trump was during his presidency. Jones added, “I think this reflects the panic Democrats are feeling right now, with polling suggesting that Trump might receive almost 30% of the Black vote. This could be a strategy to intimidate and discourage Black voters from supporting him.”




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