Fan Incident with WWE Champion CM Punk at the St. Louis Airport

– There was an incident at the St. Louis airport last night as WWE talents were arriving for RAW 1000 and fans were there to greet them.



A fan reportedly asked WWE Champion CM Punk for an autograph but was turned down. Apparently the fan was rude in his approach.

This led to another fan yelling at Punk and causing a scene inside the airport. Punk threw the man’s autograph book in a trash can. Airport police came over and Punk seemed very annoyed with having his time wasted, according to an eye-witness. Other WWE stars who were standing around asked fans if they knew “the fat guy”, who was the fan that got his autograph book threw in the trash can.

Punk went on Twitter and wrote about how one bad fan ruins it for everyone. He gave props to respectful fans. Ricardo Rodriguez was one of the WWE talents present for the incident as he wrote that fans “go from fan mode to creepy mode to psycho mode sometimes.”


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