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Fans Jump Crowd Control Barrier on Tonight’s Raw

A fan jumped the crowd control barrier at Monday’s Raw and got in the ring during the Ryback vs. The Miz match. The fan was tackled by security and assisted out of the ring and while cameras cut away, the fan was briefly shown on television. Here is a photo from the match.

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Another fan accompanied this fan but was taken down by ring announcer, Justin Roberts. Neither Michael Cole nor Jim Ross made reference to the fan interference.

  • W.cares

    Could of been worse. Could of been taken down by Michael Cole!

  • so Justin Roberts Grew some balls , after he was squeaking in Nexus’s Debut and got Brayn’s Ass fired (……..Opps I said Ass… some Cena Fans will cry to their parents )

  • Pete

    I wish i saw Justin Roberts take him down.

  • KingAlbert

    Have to be a complete fucking retard to jump in the ring, too bad Justin Roberts didn’t kick him in the head too.

    Hope they all took turns, beating on the cunt backstage. i want hom so scared to even attend wrestling again. He will never gate ever ever everrrrr again.

  • Fred

    Justin choked him with his tie, no less.

  • yaz

    hahah lol. nice

  • Keith Learmonth

    Can you imagine being forever known to your idiot friends as “The guy who got taken down by Justin Roberts”?

  • ##

    I bet their friends triple dog dared them!!

  • aaron

    good for you Justin Roberts, glade you got him before he even got his 3 seconds of fame.

  • Chuva

    Please change this from “fan” to “idiot” or “moron”. If you’re an actual FAN, you would NOT jump the barrier, and climb into the ring.

  • Wtf does ryback fit into this wwe title picture I thought he was going after miz