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Liv Morgan possibly injured at Monday Night RAW

One of the most-talked-about topics from this week’s episode of Monday Night RAW was the series of vicious YES! kicks that Brie Bella unleashed on Liv Morgan. The kicks looked like something out of Katsuyori Shibata’s Strong Style attack set; stiff and hard-hitting.

Morgan looked legitimately hurt after this series of kicks and a lot of people were concerned about her well-being. Soon after, she was taken away from ringside and was sent backstage for medical treatment.

PWInsider reports that Morgan is currently undergoing a series of test to determine if she’s suffered a concussion or not. We shall keep you updated on this situation as we receive more information about it.

  • what?

    Right after the announcers said she was taken to the back the camera pan out and she was still laying on the floor duh never said anything about here laying there the rest of the show

  • Wicka Steve

    I hope Liv’s okay, I was worried it was a Paige situation when Liv didn’t stand back up for the rest of the match. If it was a concussion, those really suck. I’ve had two in my life and it caused some problems for me. Get well soon Liv.

  • oppa

    No problem. He or she can go somewhere else with that mess.

  • Killswitch

    Thanks for flagging (whoever it was). Taken care of.

  • oppa

    There’s no possibly about it, she was knocked out. If Sasha did that to someone, people would be all over her telling her to quit the business. If Alexa, Lana or Carmella did this, they would be told they can’t wrestle and that they should leave the business. This wasn’t done to try and hurt her, But with all of the botches lately, Brie has to spend less time filming reality TV and more time in the ring. I’m scared to think what would have happen if Ronda was the one kicking her like this.

  • oppa

    Please don’t feed the trolls.

  • james

    What are talking about you complete idiot.

  • come_shot_matt2000

    I would come inside her mouth and over her face all day ! I would make

    Liv Morgan come hard while i was comming inside her BELIVE THAT !!!

  • For the rest of the show? Is she still there this morning? That must be inconvenient.

  • what?

    Seriously hope she ok but they did not take her to the back she was laying on the floor