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New Feud for Cesaro, Goldust Says WWE Is Taking Signs, More

– Former WWE talent Bill “The Goon” Irwin turns 58 years old today while former NWO member Masahiro Chono turns 49, Jim Cornette turns 51 and Gabe Sapolsky turns 40.

– WWE’s cameras caught up with JBL before Night of Champions hit the air last night. JBL put over Jerry Lawler and said he was proud to keep Lawler’s seat warm until he returns.

– “Goldust” Dustin Rhodes says WWE keeps taking fan signs for a potential Goldust vs. Cody Rhodes match that he has been campaigning for on Twitter. He tweeted last night during Night of Champions:

“Wwe keeps taking the @CodyRhodesWWE vs @DUSTIN_RHODES1 signs! Hmmmmm ! Just book it! Trend it! #CodyVsGoldustWM29”

– WWE United States Champion Antonio Cesaro is now scheduled to feud with Brodus Clay.

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  • DaveyH

    Bill “The Goon” Irwin in the same post as Antonio Cesaro. One was thrown out of every Hockey league for being too rough, the other thrown out of every Rugby league for the same reason. I can see The Goon returning at WM29 for a “Hockey vs Rugby” match with Cesaro, with the US title on the line

  • Trollololo



  • scooter

    It’s not like Goldust has ever had a problem wit someone expressing an opinion he didn’t agree with!

  • zach

    you have to be a wwe contracted wrestler to wrestle a contracted wrestler on a wwe ppv.

  • Buttercastle

    I don’t get what the point is of him coming back one time just so Cody would beat him. Most people want to see Cody in the main event, not in some side story where he fights someone who hasn’t been relevant in years. And I bet nobody outside the IWC and older fans knows they are even related anyways. Put him in feud with Miz for his title back then work him up from there.

  • Aiden1990

    Wwe has killed off any momentum Cody ever had now the are recycling old story lines with him

  • Stevie P

    ^Umm, that’s what he wants to do. He knows what’s good for business and he would do nothing BUT put his brother over. If you read his twitter you’d realize that. He puts WWE over big time.

  • Albert

    Goldust – just shut the fuck up already, no one cares anymore. Ill only want to watch it if Cody ends up winning or else its pointless