Floyd Mayweather Humiliated At Super Bowl In Photo

Pro boxing legend Floyd Mayweather recently took to his Instagram account and posted pictures of him betting:



I also bet something light at the casino. I won the first half with plus money, but obviously lost the whole game. SWIPE OVER

It was noted that Floyd Mayweather lost his main bet on Sunday night’s Super Bowl LVII as the Philadelphia Eagles were beaten by the Kansas City Chiefs, but later revealed he still came out making money.

The retired 50-0 boxing legend was in attendance at the State Farm Stadium to watch the game and insisted he was happy with his overall betting performance. Mayweather initially posted on Instagram showing his main bet on the result of the game. He staked $10,000 on the Eagles to win.

Despite being 24-14 ahead at half-time, they ultimately lost 38-35 to the Chiefs.

At full-time though, Mayweather replaced this Instagram post with another one which revealed he had actually come out on top after all. He posted a second bet slip which showed he’d also staked $10,000 on the Eagles to lead at half-time with a pay-out of $20,500.

As Floyd’s second bet had a pay-out of $20,500 he ultimately came out $500 up, a very low and humiliating gain that many Instagram commenters pointed out.

That amount of money may not mean much to the man who has made upwards of a billion dollars in his boxing career, but it appears to be very important for Mayweather to remain undefeated in the casino, as well as in the ring.

Barry Russell
Barry Russell
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