Former World Champion Working on Three New Reality Shows

– Diamond Dallas Page recently spoke to about his YRG Fitness, upcoming projects and more. You can see the interview embedded below.



DDP noted that he is currently working on three different reality shows. One would feature him and focus on Chuck Zito’s Street Survival School in New York. Another is called Transformation Nation where DDP goes into a major city, takes 6 people from different backgrounds and follow them for 13 weeks as they try to get in shape.

The other show Page is working on is called Road Dogs and features him, Zito, Tank Abbott, Danny Trejo, Mondo Porras and Evan Seinfeld helping people out and “doing guy things.” The group was described as real-life Expendables.

Zito’s website describes Road Dogs like this: “It’s badasses doing good — Men’s men. Evan Seinfeld, Mondo Porras, Diamond Dallas Page, Danny Trejo and Chuck Zito, counter-culture icons all — out on the ultimate testosterone-filled road trip – where their mission is to raise hell and help their fellow man!”

Here are the videos:

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