FOX Sports Executives were at Smackdown Live last night

According to Sports Illustrated‘s Richard Deitsch, via Twitter, several FOX executives were sitting front row at Smackdown Live on February 27. Deitsch reported that FOX Sports President Eric Shanks, talent producer Jacob Ullman, and Colin Cowherd were front row in Los Angeles this week.



It’s known, at this point, that FOX is interested in getting involved with the WWE. If a deal could be reached, Monday Night Raw would head to FOX, while Smackdown Live would land on FOX Sports 1. The switch would be made in 2019 after the WWE’s current deal with the USA Network expires.

Whether or not FOX buys into WWE depends on if they can hold on to the UFC or not. Should the two parties work out this new deal, Raw would return to two hours, lasting from 8pm-10pm.

It’s interesting to see Cowherd backstage at Smackdown Live. He’s had quite a few choice words for the sport and fans who enjoy it, calling Daniel Bryan fans “booger eating wrestling nerds” back in 2014. However, it doesn’t mean he has a hate for professional wrestling. He’s had many stars from the wrestling world on The Herd and has even discussed the “Mount Rushmore of Professional Wrestling” with legendary commentator Jim Ross.

With the FOX execs basically scouting Smackdown Live, it seems like there might be a future for the WWE on the network after all.

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