Gervonta Davis Humiliates Mike Tyson After Attack

During his prime, Mike Tyson was a fearsome heavyweight boxer who dominated the division with his power and speed, earning him the title of undisputed champion. Today, Gervonta “Tank” Davis is similarly known for his impressive knockout record, having stopped 26 of his 28 opponents in his undefeated career. However, when asked if Davis was worthy of being compared to him, Tyson responded by stating that the only similarity between them was their legal troubles.



Davis has been arrested several times over the years and is currently facing potential jail time for a hit-and-run case. In contrast, Tyson served time in prison for the rape of Desiree Washington in 1992 but continued his boxing career after his release and was eventually inducted into the Hall of Fame.

Despite the apparent tension between the two boxers, Davis has expressed his agreement with Tyson’s comments and even claimed on social media that he has more skills than the boxing icon. However, Tyson has also previously spoken highly of Davis, calling him the “greatest fighter around” in 2021 and even suggesting that he hits harder than former WBC heavyweight champion Deontay Wilder.

Despite their differences, it is clear that both Tyson and Davis have made a significant impact in the world of boxing with their impressive records and unique styles in the ring.

Harrison Carter
Harrison Carter
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