Hannity Melts Down After Trump’s Mistress Exposes…

Sean Hannity recently accused prosecutors in former President Donald Trump’s hush money trial for only calling adult film actress Stormy Daniels as a witness to “humiliate and embarrass” the former president, which the Fox News host declared should “scare every American” via Mediaite.



It has been noted that Sean Hannity had joined Fox & Friends anchors Steve Doocy, Brian Kilmeade, and Ainsley Earhardt on Wednesday to discuss the hush money trial, which he completely dismissed as political theater and a “kangaroo court.”

Trump is currently facing more than 30 felony counts at his Manhattan trial as he faces allegations of falsifying records to hide the hush money payments made to Daniels to cover up an alleged affair. However, Trump has denied the claims including the affair.

Hannity has argued that the testimony of Daniels was not relevant to the case since she could not provide direct evidence about the actual documentation and payments central to the case. The meetings between Daniels and Trump, however, are central to those payments. Prosecutors primarily asked Daniels about her background on Tuesday.

He also cited a 2018 letter where Daniels denied the affair. She testified in court that her statements in the letter were false. When she got into discussing the former president at the trial, she received warnings several times from Judge Juan Merchan about giving unnecessary details.

She also began describing a sexual position before the defense objected, and it was sustained. At another point, she described Trump as wearing “silk or satin” pajamas that reminded her of Hugh Hefner.

Hannity has claimed that Daniels was only on the witness stand to share those exact details — despite the prosecution earning pushback from the judge on the day.

“Why was she in the courtroom? She was there for one reason, and this should scare every American. She was there to humiliate and embarrass Donald Trump,” Hannity said. “If they could, they would like to keep Donald Trump in a courtroom for the next 180 days so he cannot campaign.”

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