Hollywood Legend Calls Tom Cruise ‘Egomaniac Freak’

Frederic Raphael, the Oscar-winning screenwriter of 1999 erotic drama Eyes Wide Shut recently labeled the film’s leading man Tom Cruise an ‘egocentric control freak’ while casting doubt on the ‘passion’ between the actor and his then-wife Nicole Kidman.



Veteran writer Frederic Raphael took a shot at the Hollywood star, as well as legendary film director Stanley Kubrick, in his acerbic new book, Last Post.

Raphael infamously fell out with the Kubrick family over his scathing 1999 memoir, Eyes Wide Open, which detailed his experience working with the late filmmaker and his notoriously exacting directing style, which ultimately saw him disinvited from the premiere.

His vendetta continues in his latest work, which addresses 22 now-deceased family members and former collaborators in letters recounting their time together.

Barry Russell
Barry Russell
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