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How Vince McMahon has reacted to AEW till now

Vince McMahon is busy running WWE and with ratings plummetting, he is trying all he can to make the product interesting. Especially considering AEW’s huge rise in popularity and with its TV show debuting in the Fall of this year.

While discussing AEW on his podcast Conversations With The Big Guy, Ryback discussed how Vince McMahon has reacted to AEW till now. He mentioned how Vince handled Impact Wrestling while Ryback was in WWE to see what happened.

Fans simply want AEW to give proper competition to WWE and it might just happen.

“Sometimes [WWE] will downplay things and act like they’re not worried, but it has to be on their radar. I mean, obviously, them trying to lock their talents down for longer contracts, there has to be some internal concern over what is going on that this whole thing popped up with a guy in Tony Khan that has more money than Vince McMahon.”

“And you know, with Impact Wrestling they had a lot of money, but it was always a negative kind of taste that was left in people’s mouths. It was always a kind of like every year people always talked about Impact going out of business, they just never really had the momentum where I feel like AEW has momentum on their side.”

“Fans I think want to see this succeed so bad so there is competition because I believe everyone wants WWE to put out a better product. So, I think the wrestling fans are supporting this to create this environment to create a better wrestling product down the line, if not immediately, but Vince has to be concerned. With the XFL, he is so busy, how much time with everything and obviously with Triple H’s role has stepped up tremendously, I don’t know, they have to be concerned from a talent standpoint.”

There are still a few months left until AEW’s television show debuts on TNT. It will certainly be interesting to see how WWE deals with the competition. Perhaps the world of professional wrestling as we know it will change.

h/t to Wrestling Inc for the transcription.

  • Keith Learmonth

    This article should be titled “How Ryback assumes Vince is handling it”. The man doesn’t have any insider info for todays Vince.

  • Soulshroude

    Ryback really needs to take a step back and quit talking smack, still being “butt-hurt” about his time in the WWe. He also needs to quit speaking for the fans.

    We can all speculate, but in the end…. the ye old Rumor Mill will always prevail with writers like Harrison at the wheel.

  • Rinn13

    I’m long past wanting WWE to get better. I just don’t care about WWE anymore. I’m not sold on AEW either. But there does need to be a GOOD, legit alternative to WWE. Because this idea that they’re THE wrestling you should watch, is ridiculous. It honestly bewilders me that there are so many people who earnestly seem to love everything modern WWE does, as if it’s gold. Just on an objective level, it really isn’t.

    I spent many years of my life loving WWF/E. But while I still love pro wrestling in general, I’ve left WWE as an existing entity behind.

  • David Klein

    Professional wrestling doesn’t exist anymore everyone knows it’s fake. That’s why it’s now called all entertainment. All I’m saying is people who still think aew roh impact njpw or any other company is pro wrestling you need to think more. What I’m saying is you can paint a pinto and call it a mustang but it’s still a pinto

  • CC

    How the hell does Ryback know how Vince has reacted? What a total waste of an article.

  • StoneColdBeckyLynch

    This article has nothing to do with Vince McMahon.