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HUGE Mixed Tag Match with interesting stipulations confirmed for Extreme Rules

As seen on this week’s episode of Monday night RAW, Seth Rollins and Becky Lynch opened the show with an interesting segment. The couple cut a promo on Baron Corbin and Lacey Evans and what went down at last night’s Stomping Grounds pay-per-view.

However, they were quickly interrupted by Corbin’s music and Evans surprised Lynch with an attack from behind. Although Lynch and Rollins were able to keep the two heels at bay, the segment didn’t end there.

Evans and Corbin demanded a mixed tag match at Extreme Rules and Lynch accepted the challenge but with a stipulation. Lynch said that if she and Rollins defeat Corbin and Evans, the latter pair won’t be getting any future shots at either of the titles.

Evans and Corbin accepted this challenge but also set a stipulation of their own. Corbin said that Rollins and Lynch will be putting up both Universal and RAW Women’s titles on the line and the winner takes everything.

The challenge and stipulations were accepted by both parties and the match was made official for Extreme Rules.

  • CC

    Please, NO MORE CORBIN.

    As for Evans, I am not one of those who was against her getting a title shot so early, and I in fact supported it, but that has gone on way too long now as well.

    The big problem with Corbin is the same problem with Shane McMahon as well. They keep putting the focus on these two when nobody cares about them, and the people they are feuding with always seem to take a back seat. Look at McMahon for instance. Reigns and The Miz have both played second fiddle to him, with McMahon getting most of the screen time. And then you drag in guys like McIntyre and Elias, and they just end up looking like The Mean Street Posse or Briscoe & Patterson. Goons for hire who barely share a brain cell between them.

    Corbin is the same. Every single person he gets put in a feud with ends up having the life sucked out of them.

    With all the great talent WWE has on their roster, why do we need to see the same guys all the time, and why does it have to be the guys nobody cares about too?

    Maybe for the health of their talent they should rotate their talent. Give the likes of Corbin a month off and then give Rusev or Nakamura a couple of months on TV. Then swap them out for someone else.
    But all WWE wants to do is push the same guys down our throats and leave everyone else on the backburners.

  • Soulshroude

    *yawn*… …… Is the segment over, yet?