Hulk Hogan Addresses Threatening Voicemail Making Media Rounds and More

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Hogan was on Bubba the Love Sponge’s show today. They played the recording of him threatening the guy in the band. Hogan said that the guy was his friend Dr. Unger’s daughter Chelsea’s friend (the name that is beeped out is Chelsea). They were at dinner about a year ago and the Dr. and Chelsea had Hogan leave it as a rib to joke with the guy according to Hogan. Hogan said he’d give Dr. Unger’s number to call him and ask him if he wanted to.

Bubba and Hogan then talked about wrestling. Bubba said that Vince Russo was out for him. Bubba said he’s inviting Russo in if he wants to get into it. Hogan and Bubba then trashed Russo for a couple minutes, basically saying he doesn’t really get the wrestling business and he certainly wasn’t brains behind McMahon. Hogan said Vince Russo wanted him fired in WCW before he even met him. Then Hogan proved him wrong by going back to WWE and doing big business with The Rock in Toronto and everything that followed.

Bubba said how much he loved Orton and Hogan went on to highly praise Orton and Cena. Saying that they both have that “it” factor and how great the two of them are. That sooner or later, they’re both so established Vince will be able to turn Orton babyface and Cena heel and make money with it. Bubba asked him about Batista, Bubba said he met him and thinks he’s a great guy. Hogan said Batista had a heart of gold and was a great guy, he just needs to avoid the injuries that he continually gets.
They brought up Edge. Bubba’s producer said he heard that the injury is bad and that he might still be another 8 months out. Hogan said he didn’t know but hopes the best for him and how much he loved working with him. Bubba also said how great Edge is. Then the most praise seemed to go to Chris Jericho. Bubba brought up how he caught him the other night and just how great Jericho is, how he truly is like the old school guys and just completely knows how to work a crowd. Hogan then said he didn’t really know what Jericho was about in Atlanta but when he got back to WWE, he told Vince to just keep booking him with Jericho and that Jericho was amazing and a complete wrestler. Hogan said that he just wanted Jericho around him as much as possible, in the ring and backstage. That he was as great a person as he was a wrestler. A lot of praise for Jericho by Hogan. Hogan said that Jericho would be the ring general and call their matches. Hogan said he would love to work exclusively with Jericho. A lot of interesting tidbits out of the interview/phone call.

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