Hulk Hogan Assaulted Fan With WWE Star

WWE Hall of Famer Hulk Hogan is a pro wrestling icon. He had dominated the company back in the 80s and 90s. Former WWE wrestler Mario Mancini has recalled how ‘The Hulkster’ was once forced to reshoot his entrance after an altercation with a fan.



Mario Mancini reveals how Hulk Hogan reacted

Hogan was due to face One Man Gang, real name George Gray, in a WWE match in the 1980s before someone jumped over the guardrail. The intruder, Joseph D’Acquisto, later worked for WCW under the name Roadblock.

Mancini revealed on the Cheap Heat Productions Podcast that Hogan and One Man Gang “beat the hell” out of the future wrestler. The Hulkster then returned backstage before reappearing in front of the crowd:

“That guy jumped in the ring and tried to beat up Hogan, and George caught him and started kicking the s**t out of him, and Hogan turned around and joined him, just beat the hell out of the guy until security came,” Mancini said. “Hogan came back, cut up another yellow shirt, put it on. Gang went back out to the ring and Hogan came back out to his music all over again.”

During the same interview, Mancini claimed ‘The Immortal One’ got George Scott fired from the company. The main reason mentioned by Mancini was that Scott wanted to make Randy Savage the top superstar, which didn’t sit well with the Hulkster.

“George Scott was the booker and George Scott loved me,” Mancini said. “I would have had quite a different career if George Scott stayed the booker and not Pat Patterson. George Scott got fired because he wanted to put the strap [title] on Randy Savage right away. Hogan, he went and he pitched and b*****d to Vince, and [Vince] fired George and brought in Pat.”

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