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Hulk Hogan Fan Moved to Different Seat During Yesterday’s RAW, Hogan Responds

Did you notice the ‘Hogan’ chants during last night’s (Monday, January 2, 2017) episode of WWE Monday Night RAW? That was because famous WWE fan “Tye Dye Guy” was in attendance dressed as the WWE Hall Of Famer. Because of this, the fan was moved to a different area of the crowd:

Hogan even responded to the fan on Twitter:

  • Shawn OB

    When I see a fan like that I think of passion for wrestling not disdain for the opposite color, and if someone does then that someone can stop being weak minded.

  • D2K

    Of course.

  • JC Bolden

    WWE need to worry more about ratings and these shady storylines than what a PAYING FAN is wearing

  • D2K

    Guess that means he’s still excommunicated.

  • JC Bolden

    Smh. So you pay money for a ticket and you can’t sit where your supposed to bc you’re dressed as your favorite wrestler. Get a grip. That’s so stupid

  • CC

    Sorry they thought you looked like a racist tool, brutha.

  • D2K

    At the SILVERDOME I would bet. 🙂

    From now one people should start showing up at RAW wearing red and yellow paraphernalia just to troll WWE for a change.