Independent Wrestling Star Says WWE Has Approached Him

– In his new MySpace blog, independent pro wrestling star Davey Richards has stated that WWE has approached him, saying the following:



“This year many have said Ive more great matches then anyone, vs. KENTA, vs. (Bryan) Danielson, vs. SHINGO, vs. (Kenny) Omega, vs. (Roderick) Strong, etc. Even WWE has come knocking.

“But no one understands why, its not for attention I do this, its not for money, its not for notoriety. Its for my beliefs, my morals, my creed. I am a man who believes hard work must be rewarded and laziness must be punished. I’ve simply walked away from places before who I feel have not shared this moral with me.

“Evolve is my opportunity to not seek out big paydays, not to seek out mainstream notoriety, or to even gain attention. Evolve is my place to seek out the best, outwork them, and beat them.”

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