Is WWE Firing Sonya Deville After Arrest?

Sonya Deville, a WWE wrestler, was recently arrested in Atlantic City, New Jersey, for possessing a gun without a proper permit. The incident occurred when a valet discovered the weapon in her car’s glove box and alerted the authorities, resulting in her subsequent arrest. Deville explained that she had acquired the gun for personal protection after a man attempted to kidnap her during a home break-in in Florida in 2020. Although the gun is legally registered in Florida, it is not in New Jersey.



Despite the arrest, WWE has not taken any action against Deville, as they understand the circumstances of the incident and why she would want to protect herself. According to, Deville has not been removed from any scheduled appearances and is set to wrestle SmackDown Women’s Champion Charlotte Flair at a live event on March 12th in Madison Square Garden, New York City. WWE are not firing Deville.

Furthermore, the report suggests that WWE is aware that Deville has applied and received a permit to carry a gun. Deville is set to appear in court later this month to face charges of unlawful weapon possession.


Harrison Carter
Harrison Carter
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