Jake Paul ‘Exposed As Fraud’ In Training Session?

UFC star Colby Covington recently opened up on YouTuber turned pro boxer Jake Paul during an interview with Combat Sports on Fanatics View.



Colby Covington slams Jake Paul for fighting with ‘kids’

Covington shared an incident where some fighters from his gym had gone to train with Paul in Miami. In the process they made him look bad and they were never invited again. Dana White ‘Kicked Out’ Big Name From UFC PPV

Covington said that Paul only wants weaker fighters who can beat and not the tougher ones.

He said:

“I think Woodley could do it, I think he could land a knockout punch and get it done”, when asked who would win between Paul and Woodley. “You know I’ve had some guys in my gym, Colby Covington Incorporated MMA Masters, that have went to train with Jake Paul in Miami and you know they’ve all kind of said the same information that they went there and they exposed him. They made him look bad and of course they turned the cameras off and they’re not taking pictures that day and they’d never invite these guys back because Jake you know, Snake Paul only wants kids that he can beat up and knock out, boost his ego and his confidence. He doesn’t want guys that actually going to push him in the gym and make him better because like we said before, he’s not a real fighter and he’s a little Disney star.”

Tyron Woodley is set to face Jake Paul in the main event of a professional boxing event on Sunday, August 29 at Rocket Mortgage FieldHouse in Cleveland, Ohio, live on SHOWTIME PPV.

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