Jamie Noble Announces His Retirement

Early this morning, Jamie Noble contacted WWE.com to reveal his decision to conclude his seven-year career as a WWE Superstar and retire from the squared circle.



The WWE website published the following story today, kayfabely noting Noble made the “regrettable announcement” hours after he was released from the medical facility where he sought treatment for injuries sustained at the hands of Sheamus last week on Raw and after years of nagging shoulder and neck injuries.

“Luckily, the doctors tell me I’m going to recover again,” Noble told WWE.com in an article published earlier this week. “But I’m laying here thinkin’ about how great my life is with my wife and my son. I’m thinkin’, how many more times am I gonna be lucky enough to walk out of the hospital on my own? I’m thinkin’ it might be time to hang up my tights and boots.”

This past February, Noble suffered a legitimate neck injury when Mike Knox delivered a hard clothesline during a match on Raw. However, the injury was not developed into a storyline and Noble simply disappeared from television for a few weeks.

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