Jeff Hardy Actually Leaving After SummerSlam?, Talk on Christian vs. Zack Ryder

Partial source: Wrestling Observer Newsletter



– There was some talk within WWE this week about the good Christian vs. Zack Ryder match on ECW and about how Ryder blew up bad late in the match. Some defended him saying that it had been forever since he worked a match that long because he’s never booked on live events and is rarely booked on TV. Christian received praise for carrying Ryder through the match and putting on such a good show.

– The word at the WWE TV tapings this week was that World Heavyweight Champion Jeff Hardy will be taking some time off after SummerSlam. One source says that Hardy was surprised WWE put the belt on him because they had some what known by then that he was going to leave for a while to pursue other things. Word is that they may be working on some kind of merchandise deal while he’s gone. Hardy has apparently been telling people that he is not looking to leave to join another company. It’s safe to say that Hardy will be dropping the belt at SummerSlam or some time soon unless things change with him leaving.

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