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Jeff Jarrett and Shane Helms sign on as producers for WWE

Jeff Jarrett

Last night, the WWE Universe saw the return of Jeff Jarrett. Double J drew #2 in the Royal Rumble and attempted to sing a duet with Monday Night Raw’s resident Troubadour, Elias. While things didn’t exactly go Jarrett’s way, fans were excited for the appearance, which is good because we very well may see more of him in the future. revealed today that Jarrett signed on with the WWE as a producer. The King of the Mountain is in Phoenix, Arizona for Monday Night Raw tonight. We should also expect to see Jarrett take on an on-screen role eventually, though it’s not known how big of a role it may be.

Jarrett isn’t the only former WWE star to sign on in a backstage role, asĀ Wrestling Inc. revealed today that Shane Helms also came to terms on a deal with the company to work as a producer. Helms, Jarrett, and Sonjay Dutt are currently backstage for Raw tonight.

  • Matthew Carter

    That is true, it was good at first, but as I said in my statement, look what happened after Jarrett brought in Dixie, Russo, Nash, Hogan and Bischoff. It went downhill, and that is my fear it Triple H hands NXT over to Jarrett- he’ll bring in people that have no business running it. Unless Triple H is going tonwhat Vince McMahon did with Russo during the Era, (McMahon be Russo’s filter), which is the only way it will work.

  • Nicholas Giambattista

    That was Dixie Carter who ruined TNA and NXT has been run way better. Let not forget when TNA first started out it was about giving young talent a chance much like what NXT has become what Jeff Jerrett started in TNA.

  • Matthew Carter

    Oh god help NXT. Double J in charge of NXT? How well did things work when he was in charge of NWA-TNA? Not too well because he brought Dixie Carter-Salinas in, Vince Russo in, Kevin Nash in, Hulk Hogan & Kevin Nash in. Impact is just now where they should have been had Jarrett not screwed it up early on.

  • Nicholas Giambattista

    I wonder if HHH becomes head of the main roster Jeff Jarrett is in control of NXT. I see the vision loud and clear.

  • Rinn13

    Because apparently WWE needs 600 backstage agents.