Jennifer Garner Allegedly Explodes At J-Lo After Affleck…

According to OK Magazine, insiders close to Jennifer Garner stated that the actress is unhappy with her ex-husband Ben Affleck’s smoking habit. While Garner and Ben Affleck, along with his new wife Jennifer Lopez, maintain a good rapport, Garner is said to have trouble getting over Affleck’s smoking habit.



Insiders claim that Garner and Lopez have different views on Affleck’s smoking. Lopez is reportedly grateful that Affleck is sober and believes that if he needs to smoke to get through the day, it’s better than falling off the wagon. On the other hand, Garner reportedly finds the habit “disgusting.”

The Juno star cannot dictate Affleck’s behavior, but she has reportedly set boundaries when it comes to their children—Violet, Seraphina, and Samuel. Garner allegedly has strict rules, such as not allowing Affleck to light up around the kids. Despite maintaining a mature co-parenting dynamic, insiders suggest that this issue is putting Garner’s patience to the test.

Garner is said to be good about not interfering in Affleck’s affairs, but the smoking habit reportedly infuriates her. Insiders claim that Garner believes Lopez “enables” Affleck’s smoking.

Despite the differing views on smoking, Lopez recently spoke positively about her marriage to Affleck, emphasizing trust and partnership in their relationship. Affleck and Garner finalized their divorce in October 2018.

Harrison Carter
Harrison Carter
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