Jerry Lawler Cuts Promo on WWE Prospect, NXT Referee a Hot Topic on Social Media, Ryder

– Jerry Lawler will be facing WWE prospect Kevin Steen at a Northeast Wrestling event on August 2nd. Below are promos from both men for the match. Lawler makes mention of Steen going to WWE in his promo.



– Chris Jericho’s new podcast with Zack Ryder is now online at this link. The description reads like this:

“WWE’s Zack Ryder is a former “Edgehead,” the creator & singer of “Howski,” NKOTB’s biggest fan, and the original “guido”! Hear about his wrestling gimmmick in the wheelchair, his time in the ring with Hugh Jackman, the YouTube show that made him a WWE fan-favorite, and why on earth he loves boy bands! Oh yeah… don’t forget about the exploding tights, and his big Wrestlemania moment with Eve!”

– WWE NXT referee Drake Wuertz, formerly known as indie star Drake Younger, was a hot topic on social media during last night’s WWE SmackDown as he appeared in his referee gear after the Dean Ambrose vs. Cesaro match. Wuertz was one of the referees who helped Ambrose after an attack from Seth Rollins. Younger and Ambrose, when he was known as Jon Moxley, had a few notable matches on the indies.

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