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Jerry Lawler reveals there is heat on Nia Jax for hurting R-Truth for real at the Royal Rumble

Nia Jax’s surprise entrance at No.30 in the Men’s Royal Rumble took everyone by surprise. The former RAW Women’s Champion attacked R-Truth, who was on his way to the ring.

Despite creating history by being one of the very few Women to appear in a Men’s Royal Rumble, Jax is under the scanner yet again for legitimately hurting R-Truth during the attack on the ramp.

Jerry Lawler revealed the inside details of the incident on his podcast and claimed that R-Truth was upset backstage. Lawler said:

“This got real heat for real, She blasted poor R-Truth and knocked him face first in that wall. He was hot, for real hot. They were having to hold him back.”

Nia Jax was recently a victim of severe backlash from officials and fans alike after injuring Becky Lynch ahead of her match against Ronda Rousey at Survivor Series.

Here is Jerry “The King” Lawler talking about the incident:

  • Rinn13

    The thing is, having a woman in the Men’s RR is pointless. If a woman is competing in a match that gives her a shot at a men’s championship, then what is the point of having women’s championships? And what if they had a man enter the woman’s RR, trying to get dominate smaller/weaker opponents and getting a shot at the women’s title? It would be a joke. Jax being out there was a stupid Raw type segment, not a good entrant into a RR match.

    And yes, if she really is hurting people on a regular basis, and couldn’t even attack poor Ron Killings without legit hurting him, she has no business being in wrestling period, not just the WWE.

  • Soulshroude

    “For Real”?

  • Can’tGetNo…Stratusfaction

    At this point, the company is to blame for Nia’s casualties. Of course, they’ll keep pushing her until she breaks someone’s neck.

  • Rob ‘Richard Hammond’ Picken

    Just because she’s related to the rock shouldn’t mean squat in terms of the race thing, I mean look at what happened with manu a few years ago. Ok he wasn’t injuring people but he was dreadful and did get released

  • CC

    Yeah, I watched that earlier too. And I loved when they threw up that naff defense some people use “What about Seth Rollins?” and they broke it down that he has made three botches, two of which the person hurt actually said it was not Seths fault, and that he has done something like 10 times as many matches as that useless lump of turd.

    She either needs to go or at least go back to developmental.
    But of course, then she will throw up some kind of race card like she tried a few months ago.

  • Edward Jones

    She needs to get blackballed from the wrestling industry. How many more people is she going to injure and hurt I wonder ?? Vince do the rite thing and fire her big fat butt.

  • ROB-1.

    Yes, she is hurting to many people.

  • oppa

    She should have never been in that spot to begin with. She’s going to go through what Chyna went through when they put her in with men. Vince probably thinks it’s funny anyway. And I’m sure HHH and a few others got a chuckle out of Truth being hurt by a girl.

  • Rob ‘Richard Hammond’ Picken

    She needs to just go… WWE need to just fire her fat ass regardless of her family connections. I was actually watching a video done by Whatculture and there’s been TEN incidents in total (freakin’ ten!!) all caused by Nias recklessness in the WWE. I mean holy crap