Jesse Neal Says TNA Refused To Pay Medical Bills Stemming From Injury

Jesse Neal revealed during an interview with Bryan Alvarez of that TNA Wrestling refused to pay his hefty medical bills stemming from a neck injury he suffered at the May pay-per-view event Sacrifice.



The injury occurred during the conclusion of the match pitting Ink, Inc. against Mexican America when Hernandez executed a dominator-like finisher on Neal. An MRI showed he had a bulged disk after being spiked into the mat.

Neal said TNA paid for the initial MRI but refused to cover any of the other medical costs related to the injury—which he still must pay. “It’s my name, it’s going against my credit…It’s hard to swallow sometimes,” Neal says.

Neal wasn’t booked for any matches until October as a precaution following the neck trauma. The Florida native says he returned from his neck injury a lot quicker than he was supposed to. He adds, “Of course I was still hurt, but when you’re sitting on your ass at home, you’re making no money, and I had to get back into it.”

Neal parted ways with TNA last month after organization officials asked him to relocate from Florida to Louisville, Kentucky to further his wrestling training in Ohio Valley Wrestling. He was unable to comply with their request because the money they were offering “wasn’t even anything close to live on.”

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