Jim Cornette “remorseful” over Vince Russo filing a restraining order against him

Brian Last had a conversation with Jim Cornette about the Vince Russo situation and uploaded it to the Arcadian Vanguard YouTube channel. Cornette discussed Vince Russo serving him an Emergency Protection Order. The video starts off with Cornette describing the two officers coming to his house. Cornette claimed that he “popped” right in front of the officers when they informed him that Vince Russo had filed for a protective order against him. Cornette went on to say that his wife then joined him in sharing a laugh over the situation.



Cornette described the 9 page document that Russo filed and the boxes he checked off in the Emergency Protective Order. Jim Cornette sarcastically stated that he thought he and Russo were just “bros” doing podcasts. Cornette stated that he would never disobey a court order and that he will stop “stalking” (one of the boxes Russo checked) Vince Russo. According to Cornette, Russo accused Cornette of stalking him since 1999 in five different states in the EPO.

Cornette stated that he will make sure that he stays away from his house that he has never been to and he will stay away from Russo’s wife that he has not seen since 1997. Cornette then read from the document and vowed to never “commit acts of domestic or family violence, stalking or sex offenses against Vince Russo or his household members”.

Jim Cornette said that he felt horrible that Vince Russo was “laying awake at night and quivering” over the statements he made on his podcast. Russo filed for the EPO on the same day that Cornette jokingly admitted defeat after Russo issued his sarcastic apology video. Cornette claimed that dozens and dozens of people emailed him during that week with all Russo’s address and information.

Brian Last jokingly said that he guesses that Russo’s offer for Cornette to be on Vince’s podcast has been rescinded and Cornette stated that he doesn’t think that would even be legal now. Last also pointed out that Russo said that Cornette and Bischoff “don’t have the balls to say anything to his face” and then decided to file for the Emergency Protection Order. Cornette stated that these past few weeks have pretty much confirmed everything that everybody has said about Russo in the past. You can listen to the entire interview in the video below.

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