Jim Ross Says He Would Be Honored To Induct Mick Foley Into WWE Hall of Fame

Mick Foley stated this week during an interview with Arda Ocal that he would want either Terry Funk or Jim Ross to induct him into the WWE Hall of Fame, but couldn’t decide who.



“It would hurt me to not have one of them there, because Terry, he was a mentor and wrestler. And J.R. put his reputation, possibly his job on the line to bring me in because Vince was not sold believe it or not on Mick Foley, he was not a Mick Foley fan when I came into the company and it took quite a while for him to become one,” he stated.

Ross addressed his remarks via Twitter, writing, “I’d be honored if it happens.”

“The Hardcore Legend” added on Twitter, “If/when I’m fortunate enough to be inducted into the @WWE HOF, it will be difficult to pick between Terry Funk and @JRsBBQ ; the Funker was my mentor and a great friend, but JR was almost solely responsible for bringing me into WWE.”

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