Jim Ross Rips WWE Star After Sexual Accusation

It appears that the sweet old man under the hat (that you thought he was) isn’t so. In the latest rant from the good ‘ol Southern boy, Jimmy Ross blasted L.O.D. Animal’s brother – wishing him the very worse. This imitates Jim’s 1996 rant in which he slammed Vince McMahon on live TV and then introduced a fake Razor Ramon and Diesel. It could be that he is about to introduce a fake L.O.D. – that might have been a low one, but it’s the truth.

According to, NO DQ, During Jimmy boy’s Grilling JR podcast, the former WCW / WWF / WWE and current AEW commentator commented on former WWE head of talent relations John Laurinaitis. L.O.D’S Animal’s brother.

Below is what good ‘ol J.R. had to say:

“I had a hard time as time went on trusting Laurinaitis. That’s sad to say. I hired him. I gave him a job when he needed it. I don’t think he treated me quite right. He just wanted to show Vince that he was a better manager than JR and all these things. So now his ass is without a job and he deserves the Goddamn misery that he’s living, that I perceive that he’s living, and I didn’t like how he treated me.” (quote courtesy of WrestlingNews.co)

J.R., have you ever heard about taking the high road. It’s one thing to not comment, another to cheer it on. But then again, this could all be a work on Jimmy boy’s part.


Robert Hadley
Robert Hadley
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