Jim Ross Talks About Possibly Returning To WWE And The Undertaker At WrestleMania 32

WWE Hall of Famer Jim Ross has updated the Q&A section on his website (JRsBarBQ.com). Here are are the highlights.



On if WWE has reached out to him to comeback to do announcing:

“Everyone has their ‘magic’ number including yours truly.”

On The Undertaker’s WrestleMania 32 match possibly having a retirement stipulation:

“No one’s creative ideas are bad but simply different. Taker needs to be in a high profile match without a doubt come Wrestlemania but I don’t think that he’s retiring in 2016. That would surprise me.”

On why WWE stopped showing the matches on the titantron during RAW and SmackDown:

“I wasn’t aware of such as I have not been to a WWE RAW or Smackdown event in years. I don’t know why they would have stopped using the ‘Tron but I’d assume that there’s a good reason.”


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