Jimmy Uso Discusses Advice from Rikishi, WWE’s Tag Team Division & More

– WWE Superstar Jimmy Uso recently spoke with The Miami Herald. Here are some highlights from the article:



Telling his father Rikishi they were getting into the wrestling business:
“When I told my dad, he said, ‘You’re a man, and you can do what you want in your life, but I don’t want you to. Your mother doesn’t want you to. He was always about school and sports, and I was, too. It kind of gravitated toward this. I’m glad I am in the business. I’m enjoying myself. It’s the most fun I ever had. The best advice my dad gave me was to have fun. He told us, ‘If you don’t enjoy what you are doing, then don’t do it.’ I’m having a blast. I’m Blessed.”

Teaming with his brother Jey Uso:
“We always wanted to become a tag team. If an opportunity presents itself, I can see us going into singles. As for now, I think we are going to be tagging. I think my brother is a little hotheaded. He has more of a temper problem. I am more laid back. He is like the firecracker, and I’m more of the chilled out one.

The WWE tag team division:
“I think the tag team division could be a little stronger, and I hope [WWE] can make it stronger. I don’t see me and my brother being broken up because I think we are the realest tag team out there as brothers.”

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