Joe Biden Appears To Fall Asleep At Beach

President Joe Biden joined French President Emmanuel Macron, British Prime Minister Rishi Sunak, and Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau to commemorate the 80th anniversary of D-Day in Normandy, a pivotal event in World War II history. D-Day, officially known as Operation Overlord, marked the largest naval assault ever and was instrumental in liberating Nazi-occupied France, leading to the eventual defeat of Axis powers in Europe.



However, during the solemn ceremony at the Normandy American Cemetery, Biden was observed appearing disengaged, at times resting his eyes (possibly falling asleep) and displaying stiff, robotic movements. These observations raised further questions about his cognitive state and suitability for a potential second term in office.

Biden’s early departure from the ceremony, missing an opportunity to join Macron in greeting the veterans, added to the scrutiny. His actions contrasted with the continued engagement of Macron and other leaders who remained to honor the veterans.

During his speech, Biden praised the heroism of the Allied troops, emphasizing the audacity and bravery required for such a mission. “What the allies did here 80 years ago, far surpassed anything we could have done on our own. Together, we won the war. The men who fought here became heroes, not because they were the strongest, or toughest, or fiercest, although they were, but because they were given an audacious mission, knowing, every one of them knew, the probability of dying was real. But they did it anyway, knowing without a doubt there are things worth fighting and dying for. Freedom, worth it. Democracy, worth it. America, worth it. Then, now, and always,” Biden stated.

Despite the dignified speech, Biden’s physical demeanor during the event, including leaning over while dramatic music played, seemed out of sync with the solemnity of the occasion. First Lady Jill Biden appeared uncertain on how to react, eventually guiding him away from the ceremony. Macron’s reaction to Biden’s early exit was noted as he continued to engage with the veterans, highlighting a contrast in leadership presence.

Before leaving, Biden did manage to greet some veterans, including one in a wheelchair, whom he helped lead in a rendition of “Happy Birthday” upon learning it was the veteran’s birthday. This brief interaction provided a moment of connection amid a series of perceived missteps.

Harrison Carter
Harrison Carter
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