Joe Rogan Drops Joe Biden Health Bombshell

Joe Rogan, the popular podcaster and comedian, recently commented on President Joe Biden’s announcement that he plans to run for re-election in 2024. During an episode of The Joe Rogan Experience, Rogan and fellow comedian Dave Smith discussed the current political landscape and the state of the Democratic Party. Rogan expressed his surprise at Biden’s decision to run again, given his age and apparent lack of leadership.



Rogan went on to suggest that the only hope for the Democrats is for Biden to die soon, and for someone else to step up and take charge. Smith added that it’s possible that powerful people are meeting in a boardroom to discuss how to get Biden out of office, but they cannot come up with a plan.

Rogan acknowledged that he’s not a political strategist, but he knows the landscape and who’s out there. Smith suggested that Biden has “brilliantly insulated himself” by having Kamala Harris as his Vice President, which Rogan compared to former President George H. W. Bush and his VP Dan Quayle. Rogan also joked that it’s a “bitch move” to have a strong VP to rely on, similar to headliner comics who bring terrible openers.

“The fact that he’s running again is so wild when you watch him talk. The fact that there’s no leadership that can find a solution to this, cause there really is no solution.

Like, what are they gonna do? Like what is — other than Biden dying like very soon, and then someone stepping up in a big way that makes sense,” Rogan said.

“Which is not beyond the realm of possibility. He’s older than the average life expectancy I believe already. Not saying he will die, but that is possible,” Smith said. “…I could just imagine there’s a boardroom with like very powerful people meeting who they’re like, ‘Okay, we’re getting him out. What’s the plan? Like, how do we do this?’ And I think they just cannot come up with one.”

“I can’t come up with one. I mean, I’m not a political strategist, but, you know, I know the landscape. I know who’s out there,” Rogan said.

While Rogan’s comments may be controversial and offensive to some, they reflect a growing sentiment among some Americans that Biden is not up to the task of leading the country. Whether or not the Democrats will be able to find a viable candidate to replace him remains to be seen, but for now, it seems that Biden is firmly committed to running for re-election in 2024.

Harrison Carter
Harrison Carter
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