Joe Rogan Reveals Howard Stern Show Racism

UFC commentator Joe Rogan hosted Matt McCusker & Shane Gillis on the episode 1926 of The Joe Rogan Experience podcast. During the show, Rogan noted how people make fun of Howard Stern because of his erratic behavior. The stand-up comedian noted that Stern is the pioneer and king of all media. Matt said that Stern had Klansman, a member of the Ku Klux Klan(KKK).



Matt said that:

“Stern put a klansman on with f***ing young thug and now he’s woke.”

Menwhile, on a recent episode of the Joe Rogan Experience, he mentioned bringing to the show a former WWE Superstar: Diamond Dallas Page(DDP).

Rogan went on to talk about how pro-wrestlers put their bodies on the line and find themselves struggling with health. He also stated that DDP’s popular yoga program is what helped a lot of these talents recover and get back into shape.

“Those guys get busted up more than anybody. When I’ve had those pro-wrestlers in here, like Diamond Dallas Page, his body has been through f***ing hell. That’s why he invented that yoga. He’s got his own yoga system, and he’s like, helped all these wrestlers that are all f***ed up, completely rehabilitate their body and get their motion back.”

Rogan further went on to say:

“Yeah, it’s like a hardcore yoga. The dude’s in incredible shape, man. He can stand up, grab his foot, and do a split. And he’s in his 60s.”

Barry Russell
Barry Russell
A dedicated pro wrestling follower for more than a decade

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