Joe Rogan Reveals Humiliating Jake Paul Ticket Sales

The long-tenured UFC commentator Joe Rogan recently commented on the scrapped-off bout between YouTuber-turned-pro-boxer Jake Paul and Hasim Rahman Jr. The YouTube sensation recently called off the entire Madison Square Garden card which was scheduled to take place next weekend. ‘The Problem Child’ claimed that his planned opponent Hasim Rahman Jr. was refusing to cut any weight from his 215lb frame. The fight was initially set at the cruiserweight limit of 200lb before Jake Paul agreed to move it to 205lb. However, he claims he bulked at the suggestion of fighting at 215lb given he normally weighs in at 190lb.



Joe Rogan opens up on the bout

Rogan on his ‘The Joe Rogan Experience’ podcast recently commented on the subject and agreed with the promoter’s claims. He outlined the possible reasons for the bout being called off.

Here is what Rogan said:

“Most likely, it was canceled for numerous reasons… The allegations that I’m hearing are that they sold so few tickets that it would be a real problem in terms of financially to break even. Because, what Dana White said [was] that he had heard they had only sold a million dollars worth of tickets. If you wanna turn the lights on, in Madison Square Garden, it costs half a million dollars.”

Rogan continued to say:

“You have to sell a lot of f***** tickets if you want to make some money in Madison Square Garden. And if you want to make money on pay-per-view, there’s a threshold. Like say, up until like 100,000 buys, depending on what the deal is, you might not make any money. And then after 100,000 buys, then you start making money. And who the f*** wanted to see that fight?”

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