John Cena Answers Fan Questions Online and Talks About The Rock

– WWE Champion John Cena took some time to answer fan questions on Twitter yesterday. A fan asked Cena on who he thinks is stronger – The Rock or himself. Cena replied with the following:



“No shorting the Rock for all of his abilities …but I can say with confidence, I am stronger than him. That does not make me better, just stronger. So don’t go and take that out of context. He is much quicker and probally a better overall athlete, but strength belongs 2 me.”

A fan then pointed out how The Rock has been insulting John Cena’s fans. Cena replied:

“I don’t get that part. He can call me anything and everything he wants…I just don’t get that part.”

Cena was then asked if he thinks The Rock is “gay.” Cena’s response:

“That is the last one I will answer because of how ridiculous it is. My answer. Why should it matter? No take it as is. Why should a persons sexuality matter? He is a great entertainer. I will admit. I have made some mistakes in the past but I now realize that it shouldn’t matter what race creed color sexual preference age u are. If your good. You’re good. Trying to pick something like that as a persons flaw is about the most ignorant thing that can be done. Don’t be that person. Step your game up. So it IS what it IS. Gay or straight. To quote “Dwayne”, “it doesn’t matter!””

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