John Cena Injury News, Note on Helms & Jericho, Legends Tapings

Source: Wrestling Observer Newsletter



– Reader Ted, who speculates that GG stands for Grey Goose vodka, sent word that the last message Chris Jericho wrote on his Twitter account the same night he and Hurricane Helms were arrested read like this: “Listening to zakk Wylde and having a GG contest with Hurricane. It’s the woods vs the praries. Praires are winning…”

– WWE will be filming two Legends Roundtable shows this week to air in the future on 24/7 with Gene Okerlund, JJ Dillon, Michael Hayes, Nick Bockwinkel and Pat Patterson. The themes will be Wrestling in the 70’s and Tag Team Wrestling. The Roundtable shows were in jeopardy of being canceled a few months back as a cost-cutting measure but it looks like they are fine with the new tapings.

– John Cena had an MRI on January 24th to see how bad the damage was to his lower back and neck as it’s believed he’s been working with a bulging disc. WWE has cut back on Cena’s workload a bit with shorter matches and taking him out of the Royal Rumble match with Sheamus but he still has been working main events at recent WWE live events.

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