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John Cena interviewed by random New Yorkers (video), Emma warns Alexa Bliss

John Cena interviewed by New York City

John Cena has been all over the place promoting the second season of American Grit on Fox. His latest stop was at Vanity Fair, where he filmed a video answering questions from random New Yorkers. Cena had fun with the interview and answered most of the questions in humorous fashion.

Q: What is your biggest fear?

A: I think it is the battle that we all fight, time. I love to be active and physical and I think one of these days it is going to catch up with me. But judging by the advances in modern medicine, I figure that I am going to live to be at least 350.

Q: Where do you go to find your peace?

A: I go to the bathroom and I look down to make sure it still there. An occasionally, I go to the bedroom, when me and the gal are doing stuff like that. It’s never failed me yet, it is always there.

Q: What is your perfect date night?

A: Romantic date night, take her out to dinner, get a bottle of wine, have a great conversation and hopefully get lucky. And by get lucky, I mean being able to get a solid 8 hours of sleep.

Q: Would you ever take your clothes off for a role?

A: I have already done that. I wore a sock, not on my foot. So uh, that happened. Good talk.

You can check out the entire interview in the video below.

Emma warns Alexa Bliss

On Monday’s episode of RAW, Sasha Banks was scheduled to face Nia Jax in a match. RAW Women’s Champion Alexa Bliss came out right before the match started and joined commentary. Emma then confronted Alexa Bliss at the announce table. On last week’s episode of RAW, Alexa Bliss was in a 6-woman tag match and Emma and Nia Jax were her teammates. Alexa Bliss walked away from the ring in the middle of the match and left Nia and Emma behind. Emma now apparently has her sights set on the RAW Women’s Championship. Emma sent out the following tweet about Alexa Bliss: