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John Cena on his reputation of burying talent

Being a top guy in WWE means that you are always criticized by people online, and one of the main criticism for the chosen one of WWE is that they bury young talents.

John Cena who was in the company’s top spot for almost 15 years is no stranger to this criticisms, and things have apparently not changed even when he has taken a break from this responsibility.

During his recent interview on Jimmy Traina’s SI Media Podcast, John talked about his reputation of burying talent and said that people who criticized him for staying around for too long now criticize him for not being present:

“I don’t care about the reputation I have. What I care about is the performance I give. But the easiest way to just silence that problem is to take me out of the equation. Here’s the crazy thing, all the people that have chastised me for staying around too long, are now chastising me for not being around. (It’s) also a great exercise to know that you will never be able to please these people, because they always need something to be cynical about. I guess that’s why they are called critics.”

Apart from this, John Cena also talked about his early days in the company and how they were left with only younger talents because all older stars had left.

  • Keith Learmonth

    You should be happy he’s doing movies like that, then.
    It’ll mean he’ll spend less time in WWE.

  • Soulshroude

    His statement didn’t answer the question. He knows he’s at fault. He knows he gets away with it. That statement sidetracked the actual question. Cena’s integrity is STILL in QUESTION. Admit it, chummer… there are more than a few occasions when you were actually caught burying talent. If you didn’t like them, they weren’t “recommended”. Because your word was “GOLD” and may still be.

  • Kyle Abraham

    Don’t forget his burying of Dolph Ziggler because he didn’t like the way they interacted in ring!

    Dude needs to just go away, all together. after seeing the trailer for Bumblebee, I got excited that the classic models for the Transformers were being used and Michael Bay wasn’t directing, then my heart sank when I saw him in it. Now I am thoroughly disgusted with his new “finisher” that is no more than a standing backfist with theatrics, couldn’t even do a spinning backfist cuz he’s not coordinated enough to do it, just like how he hasnt used the throwback in several years.

    Hopefully this interview proves to the WWE how little he actually cares about the fans and what they want.

  • CC

    Nobody. The fans were very vocal on The Rock selling out as they wanted to see him, and never complained about him burying anyone, stealing the spot light or just being a corporate marketing tool.
    With Cena, a few people might comment on the hypocrisy of Cena doing the very thing he slated The Rock for, but none of them are complaining he is not around enough.

    I will say though, that not being around so much has probably softened a lot of anti-Cena fans and their stance on him, to the point they do not mind him showing up occasionally as long as it is not at others expense.

  • Kristopher Robinson

    Who the fudge is chastising him for not being around anymore?!

  • Wicka Steve

    Spoken like a true piece of crap. He single-handedly had merch for JTG pulled, contributed to the burial and firing of Mr. Anderson and buried Alex Riley. But what matters the most is his performance. I got news for you, John, you aren’t even that good of a wrestler.