John Cena sends out cryptic tweets regarding relationships amidst break-up with Nikki Bella

John Cena and Nikki Bella’s very public break-up has left their respective fandoms in a state of despair. Recently, rumours were floating around stating that the break-up might’ve all been a “work” to gain attention for the upcoming season of Total Bellas.



What provided relevance to these rumours was the fact that the former couple has been spotted together on multiple occasions as of late. Also, it should be noted that Cena has publicly revealed his feelings for Bella and his wish to get back with her.

However, Cena’s Twitter activity has been indicating towards some tension between him and Bella. The 16-time Champion has been giving out relationship advice on his Twitter account which might be a possible indication towards his own efforts to get back with his ex-fiancee.

The most recent tweet that he put out was about not trying to change someone and giving them their space.

Here are some of his other tweets that indicate towards an underlying message given the situation he is in.



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