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John Cena’s schedule might become like The Undertaker’s

John Cena has been busy with other projects outside of WWE, especially working on his career in Hollywood. His most recent movie, Bumblebee, was a Box Office success. So he has barely spent any time in WWE last year.

Cena recently announced his entry into this year’s Royal Rumble match. However, he will be leaving once again, following the event, in order to film another movie.

On the latest episode of Barn Burner’s No Holds Barred podcast, John Cena’s WWE schedule was discussed. Joe Piesich reported that due to Cena’s current Hollywood obligations, he may have to work a very light schedule with WWE from here out.

Piesich claims that John Cena will become a part-timer like the Undertaker now, only showing up to huge events after the Royal Rumble. A Wrestlemania appearance is possible, but he says that John Cena knows age is catching up to him.

It is uncertain just how long Cena will be gone from the company after the Royal Rumble. We will provide updates as we get to know more about Cena’s WWE schedule.

  • Soulshroude

    Harrison… “might become”? Dude, chummer… it already is like Taker’s. Cena is a part timer. Though aside from speculation… where is your actual proof that this is going to happen?

  • CC

    His contract is already like the Undertakers anyway. He comes and goes as he pleases now.

    He might do a few more dates than Taker, but not much.

  • Nicholas Giambattista

    Didn’t this site said John Cena wasn’t going to be in the Royal Rumble. So you don’t know he does know what time of the year it is in the WWE.