Jon Moxley ‘Angry Rant’ On Raw Stars Leaks

Former AEW World Champion Jon Moxley is currently a huge name in the wrestling world. During a recent interview with the man formerly known as Dean Ambrose, noted how difficult it was to get main roster call up from FCW, which was WWE’s old development territory.



Jon Moxley recalls his time with The Shield

He also recalled being Seth Rollins and Roman Reigns being in FCW and how they joined forces to create one of the dominant factions in WWE called The Shield.

Moxley said that he and his Shield teammates had an overwhelming sense of ‘relief’ when they were able to make the transition from FCW to WWE itself and made an impact. Braun Strowman Fired By WWE For Surprising Reason

The former world champion – in both AEW and WWE admitted he, Seth and Roman all felt like they belonged on Raw and could raise the bar on the brand.

He said:

“When we’re sitting down in FCW like, “f**k these motherf***ers on Raw! We’re better than all these dudes, we can hang with all these dudes! We’re gonna come in and fucking blow their asses away,”‘ he said.

‘It was a more hostile environment back then, so we stuck together. “F**k these motherf***ers! They don’t like us? F**k ’em!” We weren’t there to make friends.’

They entertained the fans with some great matches during their stint as a stable. Moxley parted ways with WWE in 2019 and currently having a great run in AEW.

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