Jon Moxley says WWE is predictable

Jon Moxley has made a major mark for himself ever since he joined AEW. The Superstar known as Dean Ambrose in WWE, managed to win the IWGP US Championship in NJPW after leaving WWE but is yet to win gold in AEW.



While the former WWE Champion has not yet won any championship in AEW, he has become one of the top stars in the company.

Talking to radio station 101WKQX, Moxley revealed why he thinks WWE is predictable:

It can be very predictable. Because they have a formula. Show opens, guy comes out with a mic, talks, other guy’s music hits, comes out with a mic, talks, we made the main event for tonight or whatever. There’s these patterns of formula that you see and subconsciously you know as a fan, what’s happening and you can predict stuff.”

Moxley also said that there is no such fixed formula in All Elite Wrestling, and it is much more unpredictable, adding that the name ‘Dynamite’ is perfect for the show.

(H/t credit wrestlinginc)

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