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Jon Moxley says WWE is predictable

Jon Moxley

  • Rinn13

    He’s not wrong. WWE has been dull and stale for years, in spite of how some hardcore fans fawn over every single thing they do still.

    However, I’m sorry Moxley, but your crappy brand of “hardcore wrestling” is not a good answer to that. I’ve never liked that garbage, and I never will. That isn’t wrestling.

  • Sparti Love

    We get it, you hate your former employer.. Move on already

  • Keith Learmonth

    You don’t find you can predict AEW with the same accuracy, though?

  • Keith Learmonth

    While I agree with him, I’ve had the exact same success rate predicting AEW lately too. It was unpredictable for about 3 weeks when dynamite started , and then they started to follow a pattern.

  • CC

    I agree and disagree with what he says. I do agree that WWE is mostly predictable, but I think that predicatability has its benefits as well as its weaknesses. While it can become somewhat boring, it does actually make fans somewhat comfortable with the format and when they do break that predicatablity it has more of a “wow” factor.

    As for AEW, yes it is less predictable than WWE, it does still have a degree of predicatability to it and that just cannot be helped, but where it does lack predictability can sometimes make things seem a little chaotic and harder to keep up with.

    I just think despite all the opinions of which promotion offers the best product, and how the IWC get all annoyed when WWE does something to “counterbook” AEW, it still annoys me that AEW guys just cannot stop talking about WWE. It is not a good look on anyone to keep talking dirty about a former employer, and that works in any walk of life, not just wrestling. As CM Punk said, I know they are going to get asked questions about WWE, but there are better ways to answer those questions or sidestep them. And they certainly need to stop doing it off their own backs.

  • The Mark

    Moxley has a point, my friends and I are always talking about how predictable WWE is, we can literally predict what is going to happen on a show or a match with 70%-80% accuracy. NXT is the only exception to this rule.

  • Nicholas Giambattista

    Take one to know one. I mean who didn’t see Dean Ambrose going to AEW debuting at the same city he won the WWE title. Why is it these ex WWE guys always talking about WWE when AEW is not really setting the world on fire.